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In today's hospitality industry, attention to detail determines distinction.

The condition of your facilities has a major impact on the guest experience. From plumbing and air-conditioning to televisions and wifi access.

Whether you operate a restaurant, hotel, stadium or casino, the assets and mechanical systems throughout your facility must remain up and running, otherwise your customers and your business will suffer.

Protek 24/7 can match your attention to detail, ensuring your business can get on with providing five-star service.

While guests are enjoying the amenities of a hotel, we work hard behind the scenes to ensure they have a safe and comfortable stay.

Identifying capital improvements and budgeting for operating expenses in the hospitality industry are also a big part of facilities management's responsibility.

We have the experience to handle new construction, renovations and property improvement plans and can ensure your business is running sustainably and more importantly, matching the high expectations of your customers.